Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Simple Red Summer Day

Hey my little Sophie,
Hey my little cat,
Don't be sad - the rain will stop soon even if it looks strong now.

Hey you little flying bee,
Hey you little rain drops,
Let's start picking red currants from our garden after the naughty rain.

Hey little red currants,
Hey a little bit of water,
Take a look as the simple red and cute things start dancing in the pot.

Hey my little Sophie,
Hey a little bit more music,
Be relaxed, sway a bit with the slow summer Samba - "So Nice"*

Hey my little Sophie,
Hey what a wonderful simple red summer day,
Always hold your hands, always hold you tight,
With the pretty music, our red currant jelly is so shiny in the jar ...

* Song title: So Nice (Summer Samba) from the golden voice of Brazil - Bebel Gilberto

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