Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello Winter!

After three weeks of Sophie's Adventure Trip in China, she helped mum collecting wonderful and colourful leaves from the great autumn garden! Accompanied by cheerful songs from the birds, Sophie danced in in the garden and gathered the last few apples from the beautiful apple tree.

"Hello my dearest friends, look, here is your breakfast for tomorrow!" The squirrels were sitting on the apple tree; wagging their tails!

"Hi sweaty, winter is coming soon, are you already preparing your winter food? We would also love to help you prepare your letter for Father Christmas -you can tell him all your wishes! I will bring you a beautiful, lovely Christmas tree later. Make sure the father Christmas won't forget to put your gifts under the Christmas tree!

While Sophie was chatting with the lovely squirrels, mum had been preparing a delicious potato soup and Sophie's beloved chocolate cake! A kind of mellow and pleasant smell was floating out of the kitchen!

"Little squirrels! Come and smell! Mum's cooking! I think that's it -the smell of the winter!!"

  Hello Winter!


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